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Dr. Nabih E. Bedewi

Managing Director

Dr. Nabih E. Bedewi has been serving as Managing Director of Global EEE since 2004. Based in Washington DC, Global EEE is a nonprofit that organizes student competitions throughout the world with a focus on Education, Energy, and the Environment. Among the competitions are the United Solar Challenge (USC), Global Electric Vehicle Challenge (GEVC), Global Hybrid-Electric Challenge (GHEC), and the Electric Vehicle Grand Prix (EVGP). He also serves on the Executive Board of the International Solarcar Federation, and continues to lecture at several universities in the USA and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Upon receiving his PhD degree in 1986, Dr. Bedewi worked on several projects at NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center spanning multiple programs including the Hubble Space Telescope, Space Shuttle missions, numerous satellites, and space robotics. Over the next decade, Dr. Bedewi moved his research direction to focus on automotive engineering and alternative energy vehicles. He founded a research center funded by the US Department of Transportation and the automotive companies, and grew the center to 60 faculty members and research assistants. During that period, Dr. Bedewi also led the GW solar car team development and raced internationally in the US, Japan, and Australia. In 1996, his team won the World Solar Rallye in Akita and the Grand Solar Challenge in Noto, Japan. During his 35 year professional career, Dr. Bedewi published over 200 papers and presented at numerous conferences. He also co-supervised the research of 38 doctoral students and over 300 master students. He taught mostly graduate courses in various fields of mechanical engineering and alternative energy, as well as student design projects emphasizing competitions. Dr. Bedewi holds a PhD (1986), MS (1984) and BS (1983) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, and an MBA (2007) from California Coast University. Dr. Bedewi is an Egyptian-American and has been living in the Washington DC area since 1979. He is married with two children.

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