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Ahmed Samir Elbermbali

Sustainability Market Leader

Ahmed is a seasoned professional in the sustainability and clean energy industry, currently serving as the Sustainability Market Leader for the Middle East Region at Bureau Veritas. He is a trusted advisor to clients across the region, helping them to establish and achieve their net-zero goals. Ahmed has a deep understanding of the clean energy and sustainable mobility sectors, having served as the Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Lead at the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, where he promoted and advocated for the ZEV Declaration launched at COP26 in Glasgow. The Declaration aims to accelerate the transition to ZEVs by 2035 in leading markets and 2040 in emerging markets. He also served as the Managing Director of the MENA Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting clean energy and clean technologies and solutions in the MENA region. At CEBC he launched several initiatives and working groups and co-authored multiple research pieces and white papers around Climate Finance, Venture Capital in Climate Tech, Electric Mobility, Energy Efficiency and others. With an MBA in Sustainable Mobility Management from the Technical University of Berlin, Ahmed's research interests lie at the intersection of policy, technology, and consumer behavior, and how they can be leveraged to accelerate the transition to clean energy and sustainable mobility sectors. He is committed to helping businesses and organizations achieve their sustainability goals, and drive the global transition to a more sustainable future.

Company : Middle East at Bureau Veritas