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Ali Eslami


Ali is the founder and CEO of AXL Electric Vehicles, a Canadian Company focused on becoming the next global EV brand by designing and manufacturing luxury electric vehicles. Ali’s vision is to make AXL vehicles affordable and accessible to more people, so that more people can reduce their carbon footprint, actively participate in climate sustainability, and experience the convenient lifestyle that comes with owning a modern and luxury electric vehicle. In order to do this, Ali is leveraging his years of experience as an international investment lawyer, having advised global companies and CEOs in the automotive sector on international expansion and business restructuring. During his career in international law, Ali cultivated strong business relations with a wide variety of executives and accrued particular expertise in the automotive industry. An avid car enthusiast, Ali studied business and finance in university and later law as his graduate studies. Ali holds Master of Laws (LLM), and owned a highly successful law firm for many years overseeing complex investments and business deals for some of the world’s wealthiest and most successful professionals.

Company : AXL Electric Vehicles Inc.

Country : Canada