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About the Award

At the heart of the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS) lies our commitment to the future – the Student Innovator Awards. This special accolade is designed specifically to recognize the outstanding EV and e-mobility projects submitted by ambitious students from diverse institutions. From solar-powered vehicles to innovative charging solutions, we invite ideas that redefine transportation.

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Award Highlights

Embark on a journey of discovery and innovation at EVIS — where your presence makes a difference. Seize the opportunity to:

Tech Park Feature

Stand a chance to showcase your project at the exclusive Technology Park, designed for leading academic institutions and tech startups.

Broad Categories

We accept diverse projects, from EV design and charging infrastructure to battery technology and more.

Exclusive Prizes

Winners and finalists are rewarded with not just prizes and certificates, but also invaluable media coverage and networking opportunities at the Technology Park.

Submission Criteria

Entries are accepted from undergraduates and graduates of regional academic institutions.

Projects are evaluated on:

  • Innovation: Originality and forward-thinking ideas.
  • Sustainability: Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.
  • Technical Feasibility: Practicality of implementation and real-world application.
  • Economic Viability: Cost-effectiveness and market potential.
  • Environmental Impact: Mitigation of environmental challenges.
  • Social Relevance: Addressing transportation and mobility concerns.

Submission Requirements

To be part of this exciting opportunity, ensure you have:

  • Posters of your project or the actual entry for display at the Technology Park from 20-22 May.
  • Note: A table will be provided onsite by the organizers.
  • Deadline: 30 April 2024
  • Download the information pack here
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Esteemed Jury

Our panel of judges comprises eminent experts in the e-mobility field, handpicked for their technical knowledge, experience, and industry insights.

Shape the Future of E-Mobility

Harness your potential, share your innovative ideas, and let them make a mark in the world of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.

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