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Experience the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution. Dive into a world where innovation meets experience. Whether you're a business leader, an EV enthusiast, or simply curious, EVIS promises insights, connections, and firsthand experiences that are unparalleled in the industry.


E-Vehicle Showcase

Dive into the realm of cutting-edge transportation. Witness the marvels of tomorrow, today! Explore an array of latest e-vehicle models, futuristic prototypes, and get a firsthand look at the innovative technologies propelling the electric mobility revolution. Discover the future of transport, now on display.

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Innovation at The Tech Park

Explore a space dedicated to ingenuity. Here, pioneering start-ups and insightful student minds present their innovations, offering a comprehensive view of the ongoing developments in the electric vehicle sector. Observe various projects and prototypes that aim to contribute to the evolving world of sustainable mobility.


EV Test Drive

Engage in a hands-on driving experience with cutting-edge electric vehicles. Familiarize yourself with the advancements in EV technology by taking a test drive, providing a closer understanding of the nuances and capabilities these vehicles bring to the road.

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Open Tech Sessions

Interact with industry specialists and gain insights into the intricacies of EV technology. Our Open Tech Sessions offer a platform for knowledge exchange, ensuring you leave EVIS with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and advancements.

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Who You Can Expect To Meet

Vehicle Manufacturers and Distributors


Integrated Energy Companies


Banks, Finance and Investment Firms


R & D Companies


Engineers, Architects, and Designers




Environmental Agencies


Government Officials


Law Firms and Academia




CEO/ President/ Chairman


Owner/ Partner/ Proprietor


Public Transport Operators


Technical/ Business Specialists


Technology Service Provider


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