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  • Privacy & Cookie Policy

    Date of last revision: 23 October 2023.
    At Nirvana MICE, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, we prioritize your privacy. This policy delineates our pledge to protect your information and to comply with data protection regulations.

  • Details We Might Retain About You

    We may store personal information that either identifies you directly or can be used to do so. Examples of such data encompass: names, birth dates, communication details, IP addresses, and event-centric data such as chat dialogues and multimedia recordings.

  • How We Acquire Personal Data

    Your data is obtained both directly—when you share it with us—and indirectly through mechanisms like cookies. Such information can originate from our online platforms, virtual event spaces, or from offline exchanges.

  • About Cookies

    Cookies serve to distinguish users and elevate the functionality of websites. For a comprehensive understanding of our use of cookies, please consult our detailed cookie policy available on our main website.

  • How Long We Keep Your Data

    We uphold your data for the required duration, factoring in our legal and binding commitments. This data is securely maintained and expunged once it becomes redundant.

  • Ensuring the Safety of Your Personal Data

    The protection of your information remains at the forefront of our concerns. We employ state-of-the-art safeguards to fend off unauthorized intrusions, modifications, or distribution.

  • Third-party Websites and Applications

    Please be aware that our policy does not extend to third-party websites or applications, regardless of whether you access them through our services.

  • Filing a Grievance

    If you're apprehensive about our data treatment practices, we urge you to contact us. Addressing and resolving such concerns is a commitment we stand by.

  • Policy Updates

    Should there be modifications to this privacy policy, they will be announced across our channels. Regularly reviewing this policy is advisable.

  • Get in Touch

    For inquiries or feedback, you're welcome to contact us at evis@nirvanatls.com. If you have data protection-specific matters, direct your correspondence to:
    Nirvana MICE Data Protection Officer